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Okay, so I've decided to write something for this group just so some people won't be some hippos in hernias as to why this group would give them some :iconwhatisthisshitplz: expressions.

This may sound SOOOOOO narcissistic for you, but it has just gotten a darker past which I decided not to unravel to avoid some arguments here.

There would come a time that there's going to be some deviants invited, "Really? I'm invited?" No shit Sherlock Holmes, you can fucking decline it, I don't even mind. We're not automations as we will remember all of your names, if you get another invite, just decline it. Don't get pissed. Because this doesn't always happen to you, it happens to everyone around as well.

Alright, bitches, rules are mostly as usual:

:bulletgreen: Submit only what's related to Jubei~
:bulletgreen: She can be with other KFP Original characters :iconskitzopheliac: has created~ Canons are allowed too.
:bulletgreen: RESPECT

:bulletred: No bitching out
:bulletred: No spamming
:bulletred: No other artworks that are not related to her, don't come crying/ whining to us like a five year old if your deviation is rejected.
:bulletred: No MORE questions as to why you're invited, just DECLINE if you're not up for this group.

Thank you for reading, now you can leave. c:





I decided that its time that this group had an update on its blog :shrug: so i found that this was a good time to adress a problem ive been seeing.
Okey, so lately, ive noticed that many people have been submitting pictures that are NOT about Jubei. Maybe those people havent noticed, but this group is kinda based on Jubei (hence the name) ...... But anyhooo, when i created this group, i thought ahead and realized that people would try to do this. So for that matter, i created an ENTIRE new folder for Kung Fu Panda related items because, face it, people don't really listen to rules when it comes to group submissions. But now, i realize that people are simply just THROWING their Jubei-unrelated items into the gallery and not even looking at the  "Kung-Fu Panda Related" folder.
I don't want to be mean, so ima let all the ones that are already in the gallery alone and pretend i never saw them. However, i AM going to start declining if they are not about Jubei, any of her relatives, or children. So please dont take it personal if i decline one of your devianations ^^; but im sure anyone would agree that i should have done this a LONG time ago. Im honestly not sure why but for some reason dA doesnt tell me when some things are submitted into this group :shrug:
I ask that all the co-founders do the same and decline any Jubei-unrelated items.
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gundamfan2 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
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Why did you want me to join? ^^ I don't really know what is Jubei, and i don't draw/edit those kind of pictures! ...
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You can just ignore it.
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You can always decline the invitation
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no i joined i as just wondering cause i don't draw good at all and i don't really draw kfp (kungfoo panda* but ill draw it since im in the group
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Oh okay. Suit yourself.
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INtresting place so what is the groups perpos and what is the groups specalty?
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